Les armes à uranium appauvri:  Les ministères de la Défense britannique et états-unien ont-ils utilisé ces armes de manière éthique d'un point de vue humanitaire? (Michaël Lessard, student for the MA in International Relations, April 2001).  
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  British Medical Journal News (14 August, 1999;319:401): Gulf war leaves legacy of cancer, written by Malcolm Aitken (London).  Actually, the most credible and important part is Mr. Aitken's response to criticism directed against his article.  
Added March 18, 2000

     The incidence of cancer and congenital defects has increased significantly in Iraq after the Allied use of depleted uranium bullets during the Gulf war, a recent conference in London was told.  Declassified US documents suggest that the American military used about 944000 rounds of depleted uranium bullets in Iraq and Kuwait during the war in 1991.

 "COVER-UP", EXCLUSIVE BY GREG SWIFT, From the Daily Express online, 26 August, 1999.  
Added Oct. 1999.

Earlier this year, 20 veterans sent urine samples to a Canadian geochemist for detailed analysis.  As The Express has already exclusively revealed, two previous tests conducted by respected scientists indicated DU poisoning. ... The highly-toxic compound attacks the lungs, liver and bones and can cause genetic mutations which are passed on through the generations.

 "Children suffer terrible legacy of war" EXCLUSIVE by Michael Nicholson, From the Daily Express online, 26 August, 1999.  
Added Oct.1999.

THE Gulf War ended eight years ago yet thousands of Iraqi children are dying from cancer and former servicemen are showing signs of radiation poisoning. ... The Allies used DU weapons in Kosovo.  Already there are reports of dangerous levels of radiation there.

UN probes Balkan depleted uranium, By Environment Correspondent Alex Kirby, From BBC News 1999.  
Added Oct.1999.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) says it is investigating possible damage to human health caused by depleted uranium weapons used in the Balkan war. ... The US Army's Environmental Policy Institute reported in 1995: "If DU enters the body, it has the potential to generate significant medical consequences". ... [T]here is no advice given to refugees returning to areas affected by depleted uranium.

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