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The DroitVP Network (Right to Life of civilian populations) was replaced by the Siriel Media,
which in turn has fallen. 

The Siriel Media was a blog sharing the best information we could find about "policies of mass destruction"
(Massive human rights violations, Crimes against Humanity, of war, against peace, etc.).


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  Interesting images that represent, for me, reflections on "reality", freedom and fear.  Fear that is often our worst enemy.  The fear of oppression is more choking than oppression itself.  The fear of admitting, to what seems a majority, what we truly think.  The question is not if our choices are or are not in conformity with the norms of our society, but when conforming brings us to prefer not to see or to avoid doing what we know is more just, then a problem arises.  Freedom takes on a particular existential sense for oneself when we feel we are a dissident to our collective lies. - Siriel.

They try to stop Trinity
Police officers, unaware of whom they work for, attempt to stop Trinity from being an active dissident...
[Source: The Matrix (web site)]

Trying to break Morpheus' mind
The machine attempts to break Morpheus' mind.
[Source: The Matrix (web site)]


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